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: I need to add: I lived and worked in London for some years before I moved back home - to Kenya - so, I do have an active bank account in the UK, plus my ex's address in London which I still use to send some of my online purchases to. I regularly send some of my Paypal earnings to this account too, but the only use for the money is to buy stuff. Transferring such money to Kenya (quite little) is too costly, not worth it at all. So, my question is aimed at putting my meager earnings into some valuable use.

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: Yes, you need to find a stockbroker either through a bank in Kenya, or an independent Stockbroker if they have them.

Or phone one of the UK brokers, and see if you can deal through them.

This link is currently under maintenance, but there is a telephone number for their offices in Nairobi.
Kenyan association of Stockbrokers.

And a note, shares can (and do) go down as well as up, they can go to nothing, as I have bought some that did just that.

Don't even look at day trading, it is just a way for stockbrokers to make money, there are no long term day traders.

To make the biggest returns, keep good shares that pay a dividend and have the dividend paid in more shares not cash, that way compound interest kicks in and you get BIG returns, but only over 5 or more years.

All the best.
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