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: Hello! I know how to create a store online, I have investments for it as well! well, now the problem is the products! I want to create a shop related to computer/laptop parts and stuff! well, I can't own all the thing before selling them! is there a company which will provide me with the things when I make a sale and I pay them with the money I got with the sale, of course keeping my profit! please answer seriously!

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: Sounds to me like your company is "undercapitalized," which is just a fancy way of saying you don't have enough cash on hand to start the business, at least as planned.

I know some people will suggest that you try "dropshipping" in which you order the items from a third party and have them ship them directly to a customer, so that you don't maintain any inventory of your own and you just order things one at a time after your customer pays you for the order. However, from the time I heard of it, I have always considered that a hazardous business model, because you are essentially doing something that your customer could do for themselves, if your dropshipper is willing to sell one item at a time. You are making yourself a useless middleman and can't really charge much more than your supplier. In return for thin profit margins, you are letting someone else be responsible for serving your customers, while if something goes wrong, it's you that has to refund their money.

Instead, I suggest that you look at the products you want to carry and see if there are any that you can buy in small quantity that have a good profit margin. If you need to, look at products you hadn't planned to carry that are still related to the field you want to be in, like digital media. Start your shop just with those, then use your profits to step up to the next most expensive items, and so on until you can carry the full line of products you wish.

After you have a bit of track record, you may be able to negotiate with some of your suppliers for a line of credit that will allow you to order fewer items at one time and still get wholesale prices, on the promise that you will buy more later.

I wish you well in this endeavor.
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: What you are talking about is drop shipping. An honest reliable drop shipper is an oxymoron. You will not be buying at wholesale, but close to retail and make no money. Also, you are at the mercy of the drop shipper as to when and if your product will be shipped.
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