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: My mom has some old jewelery that she got appraised 10 years ago, and she doesn't need it any more. I was wondering if you can take the appraisal information someplace and actually get that money in exchange for the jewelery? or would it be based on the current value of the gold/diamonds?

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: No, not with a 10 year old appraisal. You can get money from a jeweler or pawn shop based on a percentage of the current value, which they'll determine when you bring it in. Good news for you is that gold is much, much more valuable than it was 10 years ago so you might be surprised!
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: no you cannot. First of all a jewelry store would never buy back jewelry. And the main thing is an appraisal is for insurance purposes only and is not the real value, nor is the current value, it's merely a figure that the insurance company knows to put on the insurance for your mom and insure it, it's not a value of purchase or sale, it's more of a replacement value. However for instance that a ring was purhased for $1,000 and the insurance company got the appraisal value of $1,000 and your insurance only covered for $500 well if the ring was stolen you "might" only get $500 for it.

So to you that form is worthless. To sell the ring though you might present the bill of sale for it and then deduct money if the diamond wasn't clear or had a spot in it and then deduct money if it was purchased in a mall. See the problem is that jewelry has a high mark up value.

So you're asking what can you sell it for? Well it's more like what would someone pay to buy it from you.
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