Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Money Cash » Can I deposit money into my debit account by handing them my debit card and cash?

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: Basicly can i just give them my card instead of filling out a slip?

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: Yes. Inside the bank and they will ask you to swipe your card and enter your pin #.
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: You should be able to. That's all I do.
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: Yes you can. Its as easy as that
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: -SOME ATM's will even do that- NOW ! Just make SURE You get a Receipt ! :)
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: There is NO SUCH THING as a debit account. The debit card is only a means to access a DEPOSIT account, usually a checking account. If you have the teller the debit card, they can use it to look up your account and make a deposit.
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: You should write up a deposit ticket so you could have a copy for your records.
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