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: Bank of America just offered us 5,000 to leave our home in 30 days. Is it possible to negotiate for more money. Or is there a max amount.

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: You can give it a shot. They could just as easily just go ahead and let you pay them rent for your 90 days (assuming you are a renter) or just evict you (if you are the dead beat that stole their money).
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: I know a couple of people that have received cash for keys from BA but never that much. Typical is $2000-$3000 to clean the place and not trash it and take all of the garbage with you. Stop being greedy, you have lived in the home most likely for a couple of years without making a Mtg payment and now you want MORE than 5K. Take the 5K and move out and consider yourself lucky you got that. Keep messing with them and they will resend the offer and just kick you out.
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Let me see if I understand this. You have a legal agreement to pay back a mortgage. YOU BROKE the agreement. It doesn't matter why or that the value dropped or any other chicken Sh** reason you can come up with - you broke the agreement to pay back money that was given to you.

And then the bank comes to you and offers you $5,000 to leave the house and not trash it and you want more money. W T F!
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