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: I guess it's a little like transferring money from credit to a gift card. I've read that places only accept cash or debit...

If it makes any difference, I have a Platinum Mastercard. Although I'm not 18 yet, the card is connected to my dad's account, so using it should be fine. However, another thing I'm worried about is that the card was issued in Taiwan, even though it should be usable overseas, so says my dad. I'm probably going to like Safeway to buy this card, so I don't know if their store has restrictions on it or what, or are there other places to go buy them?
I think I just meant the Visa Gift Card, not the Visa Prepaid Card, as they're different things.
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: The agreement merchants MUST accept to be able to take payment by Visa cards states that hey must accept ALL Visa cards. MasterCard has an equivalent requirement in their merchant agreement.
Translation: If the merchant accepts Visa/MasterCard gift cards, they accept Visa/MasterCard credit cards and debit cards.

Note: A Visa gift card is NOT different then a Prepaid Visa. They are BOTH Visa branded cards that draw against a PREPAID balance.
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