Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Get Cash/ Cash Out » Is babysitting for a family member at their house with cash payment considered income?

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: Is babysitting for a family member at their house considered an income

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: yes
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: And you are an employee. If you were paid $1800 or more in 2013, they owe you a W-2.

IRS pub 926.
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: Yes, any money you receive in exchange for work is income.
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: Yes, of course. You prove that income with you income tax return.
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: I'd think the other way in that if you're doing babysitting it used to be that you can earn up to $400 before you have to file taxes and you're considered as having your own business (and need a state license) if YOU set the amount you want for babysitting; however if THEY give you a donation/gift you won't need a license and it's a family matter, just don't make a habit of babysitting for them.

Today even if you have a koolaid stand you need a state business license.
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