Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Get Cash/ Cash Out » What interest bearing account or tool are there that dont require any yearly IRS reporting until you cash out?

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: I want something that I dont have to report every year to IRS so wife doesnt know about it.

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: Roth IRA or IRA
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: You NEVER have to report the account itself. If the account is located in the US, OR you are a US citizen, you have to report the EARNINGS of any interest bearing account as income every year. The only type of income that is not reported until you cash out is capital gains. That means you are not earning interest, but the value of the investment is growing (hopefully) over time.

Ariaread: An IRA, traditional or Roth, is NOT an interest bearing account. It is a SHELL for investments, MOST of which are not interest bearing.
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: That's not the way a marriage is supposed to work.
None of my business, right.
IRA-You do not pay tax until you start withdrawing
money in your retirement years.
Roth IRA-You pay taxes now, but none when you
make withdrawals in your retirement years.
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