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: I found an abandoned home got all the info but no number on ths ownerThe next best thing to do is to write a letter to the home owner letting them know I'm interested in the home and i want to buy it
what shoud i say
to make it stand out and appealing ???????????

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: I have dozens of empty homes as long term investments and what i call my finance fund (i can borrow large amounts of money from banks against them) I normally do not sell or lease these properties they stay empty.

Most people write to me and put in the following SIMPLE information.

Dear (myname)

I wish to offer you $140,000 for the property you are listed as owning on ..... XYZ street.
Please can you let us know if this would be accepted.

Thats all you need, the "make it appealing is the $$$$$" short precise and simple.

I usually bin long letters - i simply dont have time to read them.
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: The only thing that is going to appeal to them is your offering price, and how fast you can close. That is all they will be interested in. It does not have to be flowery (in fact should not be).

So, do your research to determine the fair market value, and base your offer on that. If you have the cash on hand, let them know as financing arrangements will draw things out. If you are preapproved for financing, that will help too.

Let them know that your letter is not an offer to purchase at that price, but that you will submit a purchase offer if they are agreeable at that price. The contractual purchase offer will give you some needed protections (subject to inspections, etc.), and you don't want them to be able to claim that your letter was a binding offer to buy.
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