Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Check Cash/ Cash Check » If i have a check in my hand payable to my new 401k company, is this still considered a direct rollover?

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: I am simply rolling over my 401k. My new company prefers it this way, instead of getting it directly from the institution for some odd reason. I am trying to avoid the "indirect" rollover and have 20% withheld

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: Is it made out to - Jones for XYZ company 401k, or something along these lines??
Or is it just made out to you - Jones?? If so, you may have some issues with the IRS. I believe you need to deposit it within a certain # of days - 30, 60, 90. Not sure on the time period.
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: That's how it is done.

It is sent to you, made out to the company that is going to be holding your investment funds. This way they don't withhold taxes, and when you get it, you know they sent it.

So yes, it IS a direct rollover.

An indirect rollover would be if you cashed a distribution check (made out to you), then deposited it in an IRA.
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: Check is made out like this: Name of 401(k) company FBO (your name). Yes, it is a direct rollover.
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