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: I have some old gold jewlery that I want to cash in. Before I do I would like to know if it is real gold. Is there any way to find out if it is real gold without taking it to a specialist or damaging it? Also is gold more expensive the older it is or the newer it is?

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: Density, the same way Archimedes did it. Get a measuring cylinder, jug or cup and half-fill it with water. Note the volume of the water using the scale on the side in millilitres. Put the jewellery (sorry, i'm British!) in and make sure it's completely immersed. Note the volume which results. Subtract the original figure. This is the volume of the jewellery. Multiply this by 19.3. This is the weight of the equivalent volume of gold. Dry the jewellery and weigh it on a balance accurate enough to give you the result required. It may be slightly lower or higher depending on the purity. Eighteen karat gold is only fifteen times the density of water, lead is 11.34. Electroplated gold is likely to have a very different density than solid gold.
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