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: So, I recently received $5,000 to do whatever I want with. I really would like to do something responsible like invest it somewhere but I am not sure where to invest. I do not want to go blow all the cash on material items, I really want to save it and or invest it for my future.

Can I make a significant amount of money out of $5,000?

Does anyone have any good tips on investing? Or maybe on the Stock Market?
Are there any classes I could take on learning how to invest and or learning how to be successful in the stock market?

Thanks! :)
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: If you want you can invest it all in my pizza joint...
trust me... your dough will rise in no time at all...
Before you know it you'll have plenty of dough to toss around
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: What i'd do is take out a grand, and take yourself on a shopping spree.

THEN, I'd invest in something like NASDAQ (Google). They have nowhere go but up.

Or you could just stick in in the bank, earn some interest.
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