Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Cash Back » moved into family member apartment since they bought a house been paying 1100 cash now they want to raise rent?

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: the day my girlfriend was coming to move in he wanted me to pay an extra 800 dollars mind you i had already paid April's rent early when i left and came back to the apartment the super informed me that he could not let me in the apartment and called the police i still have my things in the apartment and my car is parked in the lot i have been staying in a hotel i have tried to call my family member because all i want is my stuff and my car he will not return my call i don't know what to do now nobody seems to be able to give me any info on this matter can you please help me
Yes I am now aware it is illegal on my part and my aunt's since it is her apartment and she is the one trying to go up 800 extra on the rent she will not return my phone calls so i can gain access into the apartment i doubt she will accompany me to let me in the apartment even thou she still has a key to it she knows she has me between a rock and a hard place and i did call the police they referred me to a city marshal for help who told me i was in a sticky situation and they would try and help but i have not received a reply as yet and have been calling constantly i have learned my lesson all i want is my stuff also i found out here in the state of ny both she and i could be fined

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: If you don't have an agreement with them then you're staying there illegally. You can't just take over someone else's apartment without having a contract. Likewise, they cannot take your possessions. I would call your local police department and ask them what you should do (NOT 911). Another option is to have the rightful tenants of the apartment go with you and request access to the apartment THEY are legally renting.
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: Absent a signed lease they can raise your rent on a month to month basis.
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