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: I am waiting on a bank to bank domestic wire transfer. It was sent out Wednesday, but after hours so it was more than likely processed yesterday & now it is Friday. Shouldn't it be here by now? I called my bank to see if they could see anything coming through or if there was anything on deposit & they said no, they also told me that wire transfers are processed every 30 minutes so I should check back through out the day, which I have been doing, it is only 12pm. I do not have the tracking number unfortunately & cannot get in touch with the sender at this time, is there anyway I can track the wire without the tracking number? Behind on bills & in college so desperate for some answers, thank you so much. Thanks in advance!

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: No real way to track unless your bank is "small", like 3 branches total... you'd be able to talk to the wire clerk or her supervisor.

If the account number is wrong, it will go to a suspense account and require research before posting correctly.

Most "casual" domestic wires take two days. If an accountholder does a lot of ACH, the wires seem to arrive the next morning ("midnight", actually). You might consider that a bank has a legal requirement to keep a certain amount of cash on hand versus what it can loan out (80% loan to deposit ratio according to their books), so they wait until balances are reported each night (with "your funds" in their ledger) before any money leaves their bank. That outgoing timing can affect what happens at your bank.
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: Something is wrong. It should have arrived at your bank yesterday, and been processed by now.
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: There is nothing to track. You can't just track a general transfer from a bank. You need a tracking number. Try calling the bank who sent it and ask them what's going on and to track it.
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: ill let you know when I get mine from you ok , hope it comes through quick
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: probably not
unless the bank where it originated had some kind of tracking on the transaction, it is like any other transfer
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: wire transfers have to happen before the fed closes each

day at 2 30pm...they happen immediately during bus.

hours. whomever sent it to you paid too much/should've

sent it at walmart..cheaper and faster at that/pick up

any wally world place. but sounds like this wasn't sent

call wire transfer dept your bank and ask if they have

seen anything arrive..they don't just sit on them/they

have to be gotten to the people and notices have to be

issued that it has arrived... but this one smells to me..
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