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: Hey, there are a couple of dvd box sets I want but I can only get them by ordering online from America. My dad says from her in the UK you can't order things online from America using a debit card, is this true? He says you need to use a credit card. I am not old enough to own a credit card plus I don't want one. Thanks

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: You sure can, you have money in there so why not? Just check the exchange rate so you know how much they'll take out.
It says on my debit card that I can use it abroad, in shops and to order things online
Should be the same for everyone
My mum usually uses hers to order shoes from America
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: No. Actually you can't. Technically it's illegal because they're passing new laws that debit is too expensive for the government to handle and in 2008 they said that in 5 years debit is not allowed because it's used by this new plastic which terrorists can easily melt out to make chemicals for a bomb.
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: It depends on the debit card.
If your card has the visa or mastercard logo you may use it on line.
If yours is not acceptable ask your dad to put his card details and give him the cash when he gets his card statement.
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