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: I work for a huge organisation part-time. Its a department store which I don't want to mention just incase.

I had a cash card with Santander and have recently turned 18 and therefore wanted to change my card to a debit card. I did so and closed my cash card account.

When the end of the month rolled on, I was paid into this cash card account becuase I stupidly forgot to tell my employers that I had changed accounts. My cash card account is closed and they tried paying me into it.

I told my employees and they said it will bounce back to them and they can then send this money into my new account (which i have given them the details for).

Now, I was paid 10 days after I closed my account and its now been 8 working days since this has happened. My HR department are telling me it hasn't bounced back yet and I have just been to my bank and they have told me there is no record of it at all on my closed account and its not even in a suspense account which my HR department told me it should be.

Its like cat and mouse, the bank are telling me they have to record of this payment and my work are telling me it hasn't bounced back since they paid it.

What can I do now? I haven't been paid. I can even prove I havent with bank statements. I know it was my fault for not telling them I had switched accounts but I didnt realise it would be so hard to track down where my pay is. I was told it takes the same amount of time to bounce back as it does for me to get paid into an account. Its been 8 working days and still nothing.

Any help please?
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