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: I thinking that by doing this I can get points on both credit cards. Ex. I have Chase credit card that I plan using as an everyday card. I plan paying that card with a Visa that also gives me points. Finally pay the Visa card with actual money. Can I do that?

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: Yes you can but you are traveling down a dangerous path.
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: No, but you COULD use a balance transfer. You will pay a 3 to 5% fee on the amount transferred. This only makes financial sense if you will take a year or longer to pay off a higher interest rate debt.
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: is called a balance transfer. 3% immediate charge to do one....
and no grace period for interest on the amount transferred.
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: As other have pointed out yes you can but it's a balance transfer and you will pay a premium for doing it.

If the points, interest savings or cash back offset the fee go for it. Otherwise it's not a real good idea.
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: At least once a week someone asks this. It's a bad idea all the way around.

For starters, you only get reward points on purchases, not balance transers or cash advances. You also only have the grace free interest period on purchases.

Paying a card X with card Y will be a balance transfer or cash advance which have fees of 3% to 5% depending on your card terms. Interest begins to accrue immediately at the higher cash advance rate.
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: All you are doing is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and it will not give you any more points when you do it
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: It's called a "balance transfer". You can do it, but you won't get any points. Cards only give points when you use from for purchases. They don't give points for balance transfers.
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