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: You can't be employed and cash it out while you are working.
If you are no longer with them, contact walmart and ask them for your plan administrator.
Or look at your 401K statement and see if it provides a contact number.
Note: Cashing out can easily put you in a higher tax bracket.
Save some money aside for tax time to pay all the taxes and the 10% penalty
(the company may keep 20% aside to help you pay for those taxes)
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: Just to be clear - Huntsman means you will pay tax and pay a penalty. Looking at 20% + 10%. If Walmart holds back tax it will NOT include the penalty fee. Make sure you have enough money to pay the taxes to the state, federal and the penalty or your money will be gobbled up in IRS/State fines and penalties. I know someone that actually ended up in the negative!
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