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: Hello, im looking for a job with hard labor, waste management, anything that pays good. I'm not afraid to pick up trash or anything like that. a job... I have my lisense and a new car that is reliable........i feel stuck after thinks im a bum but i have motivation to work

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: Why not try to get a temporary job at a plant of somd kind? Than save up as much cash as you can than figure out what you want to do with your life. There is also other easier jobs like fast food stuff and there is always Wal-Mart..
Anyway, may I make a suggestion Jeff? When you get a little older and after you've saved up some cash, why not move to LA and pursue acting? Become something great and prove your family wrong?
Good luck with your life Jeff, I hope you find what your looking for.
p.s go, for something that makes you happy.
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: Look into becoming a vendor for cleaning vacant homes and foreclosures. Start at an established company and then go out on your own once you know what is required for tools etc.

Try researching:
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