Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Check Cash/ Cash Check » need to find a bank that will cash a large social security check my ssd/ssi issues retro by check if needed?

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: the check will be quite large and was wondering if any banks have govt check cashing for a fee or what it will be a huge check. After my first initial check they will direct deposit it on a card only reason they issue a check on the first is because I have bills and been trying to get ssi/ssd for years just because of my age.

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: open a bank account, then you can cash it at the bank where you have the account.
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: Your question is a little blurry but I will try to answer it. First off - Do you have a bank account? If so, then go to that bank. You will then not have to pay a check cashing fee. If you go anywhere else, then they will issue a fee. Also, most bank can't cash a check more than $5000. This is because a bank orders a certain amount of money each week from the Federal Reserve and anything over $5000 will throw off the amount of funds that they can give out. If you do want to "cash" the check or make it into a cashiers check you need to call ahead of time and let them know what your intentions are. That way they can order the funds specifically for you. Just letting you know though that it might be a couple days.

Also, when you can get it cashed, make sure to brings at least two pieces of ID. This is important because they want to make sure that you are who you really are. Best of luck and I would call the bank and tell them what you want to do!
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