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: ok so i made a checking account at BofA. but i didn't order any checks. while the lady was giving my all the information on the account she gave me a big folder. inside i found a sheet with like a detachable deposit slip and 3 checks. the checks didn't have my name on it like i guess and regular personal check does at least not my parents. their name and address is on the top left corner. mine is blank but at the bottom it has my account number on it. and other than the name thing it looks like a regular check. can i use these checks or are they just for show, like "you can get checks like these order now?" i need to use a check (can't use cash or card) but don't have enough time to wait for new checks to arrive. don't know if it matters but the check number at top right corner starts at 0091,0092,0093 i thought they started at 0101. anyway thank you for answers!!!

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