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: I'm a cashier and my cash register came up 27 dollars short. I have no idea how this happened. My boss made me sign a paper that said that it came up short. Does that mean she's taking that money out of my pay check? I didn't get fired but could I if this happens again?

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: Someone might be making pocket transactions. Also, maybe you are counting wrong, you saw a 5 and some reason got distracted and hit 20 or something, maybe you gave the wrong change,
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: some one may have hit the n/s(no sale ) button and not sure but i you maybe could get fired if it kept happenening and i doubt it will come out of your paycheck but possibly.
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: things happen when dealing with cash... i was manager and once i had a $300 short... the bank teller found them in the deposit even know i counted the money like 10 times... in other time i had a $224 over... the money simply appear didnt belong to no where... money is a strange thing...

btw, the paper that you signed its like a warning, if that keep happening they can simply fire you under suspicion...
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