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: Tomorrow is my first day at my job at a clothing store..
I'm soo nervous what should I expect on the first day..??
i dont want to mess up or get in trouble or anything im 16 btw

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: expect something good:}
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: Lots of shirts, pants, socks maybe some shoes and a few cash registers. That's pretty much it
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: It depends on your specific job-Stocker,Cashier,Greeter ETC.

But just be kind and nice.
They will see that and see that you are serious in your work.
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: How about trying to remain as calm as possible even though the fear of the unknown may be a factor as a new employee :) An effective stress management technique is to practice "deep (abdominal) breathing" (though being careful not to hyperventilate). Arriving 15 minutes ahead of schedule can help one to get acclimated to the environment, too (and you'll look reliable, dependable and motivated as well ;) It's also best not to be a clock-watcher and/or gripe about how you can't wait to go home, lol.

This government site has a general description of "retail sales workers" (also known as a retail salesperson): and can search.

You may want to take a small notebook with you tomorrow and ask the supervisor if he/she minds if you take notes (he/she shouldn't mind - if he/she does, please consider getting a different job between us and the wall :) Examples of what to jot down is how to work the cash register (especially if it's more than a couple of steps), times if or when the employee may take a break (may be a law to get a break), names of coworkers (if they allow you to write down their names or perhaps abbreviate the names) or such.

The store may have an employee handbook of basic rules and regulations such as "taking a break" (from work), how to ask for time off, or perhaps even what to do regarding coworkers' (mis) behavior.
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