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: I have to work at the cash register and I'm scared I'm going to mess up. I don't know how to use those things and I'm afraid I'll take too long and hold up the line.

What can I do to calm down and don't come off as too nervous?

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: Relaxe, you won't do anything wrong. Your too self consious. The customers are human they understand. Your manager doesn't expect excellent service on you first day. If you mess up, he won't fire you.
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: Simple, ask for some moments of instruction on this make of machine.
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: Congrats on your new job. Chances are you'll have someone wt you who will train you in how to use it. After a few days in the job you'll get used to it and you'll be able to use it quicker. If it's a cash register with a barcode scanner, it will be even easier for you.
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: It's your first day so don't put pressure on yourself, they'll be spending a lot of time training you.

Remember, they gave you this job because you were the best candidate and you had the qualities they wanted!!!

When you get there, take a deep breath and go in, you'll be fine!!
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: First of all, remember that your new employer doesn't want you to mess things up and get sacked in a few weeks time. They want a capable member of staff who can operate the cash register without upsetting customers and messing up the change - so, for that reason, they're going to train you how to do it properly. Secondly, modern EPOS registers have been designed in such a way that it's actually easier to do things right. Almost everything is automated and all you need to be able to do it count the change you're giving to customers. If you don't have experience doing this and if your maths isn't too hot, ask the person who trains you to show you how to "count back."

I promise you, it's easy! In a week or so, you'll be so comfortable with it you'll wonder what you ever worried about. :-)
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: Its normal when you start a new job to be nervous. We all get like that when we start something new/ The best thing to go in there telling yourself "I am going to do great" over and over again. The customer is your friends and not to worry they are there to make your day a little easier. Remember you will be fine dont worry any. =)
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: dear dont afraid. I also did job as a accountent. First of all be like a new learner. If you have any difficulty, dont try to solve urself. It will ruin work. Dnt feel shame to ask ur boss. Dont hesitate to ask ur colegs. Cheqes are really need concentration. Write with proper mind. Dont get nerves. Be bold and ask everything whatever you want to know before start ur work. If you dont know anything than be sure that you asked everything. Dont worry 1 day practise and you will be fine. Just dont afraid. Be free and do your work fine. Realy after one day you will know everythng. Best of luck
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: Don't worry too much. They won't expect you to know exactly what to do straight away. They'll treat you as a trainee to start with and expect you to be slow and make mistakes for the first couple of weeks at least. They'll probably have someone sit with you and help you out to start with until you are confident to work on your own.
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: Be determined to insist on full training before you start for real. Though this should have been promised at the job interview.... equally, you should have checked this at the interview. If you are not given enough training then tell them! If they shrug their shoulders and say 'get on with it', then its a crappy job and their fault if you mess up. Good luck
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