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: I've been thinking of owning a clothing store. I just want to sell logo tees to baseball tees but I don't know the steps to accomplishing that goal. How do I go about doing that? Mind you I'm only 20 and work part time withwith lazy pay.

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: "Work part time with lazy pay" --

Unless you have a rich uncle willing to bankroll your clothing store, it may be wise to put your dream on hold for now. To start a clothing store, you will need:

- lease or rent a space for your store
- do modifications to the space (e.g. add shelvings, backroom install, etc.)
- purchase equipment (hangers, cash register, clothes rack, etc)
- purchase inventory
- do all legal requirements (from zoning to business licenses to fire permits to burglar permits)
- get the store ready (e.g. signage, decor of the store)
- find employees willing to help you man the store
- insurance

And so many more -- all of them costs money.

What you can do at this point is to scale down your dream. Instead of a clothing store, you can go to apparel manufacturing instead and create your own tshirts. You can design your shirts and get retail stores in your area to sell it. I would be careful with logo tees, however, as logos are often trademarked and the owner of the trademark may not allow others to profit from their logos and trademarks

You're still very young; there's lots of time to finetune your dream and save for it
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