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: I am paid bi-weekly. On my last paycheck, I had a week off so I was only paid for 1 week. For 2 weeks worked, my checks are usually around 700. For the 1 week, though, my check was 380. If I was paid by the week and not bi-weekly, would I be receiving more money??

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: Yes.
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: No your paycheck was higher because you paid less tax, as you had earned in two weeks what you normally earn in one week.

You have an amount of pay that is tax free, in UK about £180, then tax kick in, if you miss one week's pay then you have £360 of tax free earnings, but after that any tax is deducted, you have merely found that you are earning a lot less, so paying less tax, for that pay slip, were you to be paid weekly, then it would drop to £350/$350 per week.

You would be marginally better off paid weekly, because that would increase your cash flow, but that is another concept and actually wears off after about two months so in th end makes no difference.
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: no. your hourly rate is the same
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