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: I lost my job (contract ran out) my savings are running really low, and i can't seem to find a job, I'm getting desperate, some ideas and help on how i can earn some quick cash? (UK/Engand, Sheffield)

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: Sell Drugs
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: Ok.First of all,don't listen to that guy over there.Don't sell drugs.Seriously.Don't.Anyway,I'd suggest selling any stuff you don't need anymore.Or,you can sell homemade stuff.You can even try that little trick where you buy something cheap,and sell for a higher price.There's also websites you can use to earn money too.Just be careful and make sure that the website isn't a scam.I use this website called gives you points when you play games,watch videos,answer polls,or answer surveys.So far I've gotten many gift cards,but that's because I have been on it on a long time,but I'm barely on it.Maybe you can use it and profit from it. Hope this helps. :)
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