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: I recently had some items stolen from my friend's vehicle -- including a $1,200 laptop -- and will submit a claim through my parents' homeowners insurance.

Since they only reimburse -- instead of just, say, giving cash for the value of the goods -- I'm considering buying a laptop, returning it and using the money to pay off my credit card (I still haven't paid for the first computer yet).

Is this illegal? I'm not pocketing the cash -- I'd rather just pay off my first computer rather than incur more debt. Besides, I now have second thoughts of carrying around a $1,200 computer (my parents' agent says they're being jacked all the time).

Or are there any other loopholes?

Thank you,
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: You may have to prove what laptop was stolen and show the receipt. You will not be reimbursed
the full $ 1200. It will be discounted according to the age. There is also a deductible amount to
pay first to the insurance company. It would be taken from the payout if your claim is approved.
I assume you reported the theft to the police and have their report. The insurance will need it.
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