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: I'm 17 and have been searching for a part-time job for months, and still have not receive a single call back. My mom keeps pressuring me to get one but nobody is interviewing me, much less hiring me. I make sure to dress nice when I pick up and drop off the application and speak to the manager but still have no gotten one interview. My currently have two D's and I also need to work on bringing them up before the semester ends, and I would like to try volunteering on the weekends so that I can have at least SOMETHING to put on my applications to increase my chances of getting a job. I also plan on having a yard sale over spring break to get some cash. How do I tell her my plan without making her mad?

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: Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and it looks good on applications.
Since you're still in school - you need to focus on your education...not working.
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