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: I recently got upgraded in my retail job,so i now am a sales associate,and also on register.I've never done a register in my LIFE,and i'm horrible with money and math.even worse,I crack under pressure and my mind completely goes blank and i panic and just simply cannot think.I'm more nervous about making change,because i'm not sure if our registers do the whole "Type-in-amout-of-money-givin-and-we-will-tell-you-how-much-to-give-back" thing.If it does that,then i'll be mostly fine,but if it dosent....O_____O And i'm completely nervous.I really want to be really good at it,and i know i'll take my time at first and yadda yadda yadda,but if anyone has any tricks on giving change or anything,i would GREATLY appreciate it. :)

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: press the open button...take the cash and run! :D
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: Ask your supervisor for guidance. There are many different brands of register
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