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: So i got a job as a cashier at a clothing store and i never used a cash register before, what is it like? i'm only 16 and very nervous, what if you suck at math is it confusing?

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: Cash registers will tell you the exact money to give back so its not too difficult and it genuinely gets easier with time.........I use to be slow and have to triple check my work but now its easy and I barely make mistakes
You will get use to it and managers know how to train employees through this and have to deal with money mistakes constantly so don't stress out you'll make it
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: It's always best to keep a calculator handy in case you run into computer issues. The calculator is very easy to use with a press of a button. The cash register is very easy to use as well. Different stores have different buttons for the register. Once they train you how to use the cash register at their store it is a piece of cake. Don't be so hard on yourself, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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