Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Cash Back » boss wants to move payment to monthly instead of weekly but no contract!! how do I demand otherwise?

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: All of the teachers are annoyed with this. This was a start up school when we began a few months ago and since then the school has grown but she's been stalling on contracts and proper wage systems. I'm currently happy to work cash in hand while I wait for a contract...but not monthly as a/ the pay isn't high enough for it to be reasonable and b/ we are putting all of our eggs in her basket with no guarantee!

Apparently the decision lies with the two people she is in business with - the "silent partners" in a way - so she essentially passed the buck to them!

One of the teachers suggested that in thursday's meeting we demand we either get paid weekly or none of us show up monday morning...we all agreed but I'm starting to think this is a bad idea.

what else can we do?


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: DEMAND !!! You are an employee you don't demand you ask. Most people are paid monthly why should you lot be any different. And this is a school !!!
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