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: Hello all,
We are looking to buy a mobile home (new or used) to put on our property that we already own.

We have appx. $7000 for this which I have no idea is enough for anything,
what I need to know is how the buying process works & what things mean, termanology etc,

For ex.
in an ad for one used home it said
"$16,000 Financed. $14,000 Cash. Willing to Owner Finance with $2,000 down."
What exactly does this mean, someone break it down for me perhaps?

Then for new manufactured homes, is it similar to the used home process?

For ex.
I've seen this around alot
"Financing Offered-Owner financing, Low credit ,no-credit, no social, starter programs, Zero down with land"
I'm assuming the buying process for new/used is similar but IDFK,
lol I just need some clarity.

So, to clarify, my questions are:
-What is the buying process for new manufactured home?
-What is the buying process for used manufactured home?
-Is $7000 on hand enough to start the buying process resulting in a
mobile home on my land that I make monthly payments on?
Thanks all in advance ;)
Uh, Thanks I guess?
but you didn't really answer my questions; We are already considering stick built; Education is bloody expensive; My career field is software engineering so sorry if i dont have time to invest in an education on housing so...but thanks again
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: if in USA, spend a few months in Library
a 'mobile house' at 16,000$ isn't worth
that much in scrap metal.

spend your money on getting an education
about housing. how to get a 'stick built'
or 'modular house' put on the property.

here getting a property legally sited will
cost 5000 -25000$. so do your local learning
least u get burned.

buying with a mortgage a 'mobile house' requires
u to over pay on intial price , fees and INTEREST.

do your local learning.
OLD mobile houses are extremely Expensive
to heat or cool. require expensive plumbing
electrical repairs.

do your learning b4 wasting a dime.

use the library at least.
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: Mobi;e homes are crap. You will hate living in one. If your plans include byuing land, putting a mobile on it, soon building a house that is a good plan. The ads that you quote "sound like" those ads from an investor that found a cheap one and plans to sell it to you at full price + markup (profit) and interest.

Look around for yourself. Mobiles are frequently being sold by the surviving relatives, children and others, who inherited the mobile from the now deceased owner. The mobile home park never or almost never wants the vacant unit and will seize the unit after about ninety days of missed rents for the space. I recently bought a double wide, pretty nice unit in a seniors park for $2,600. Space rent was about $750 a month times three for the first three months. Near Sacramento California, U.S.A.

I made about 14K off of this unit. They are expensive to move - make careful plans. I guarentee that you will not want to live in this piece of crap for very long!
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