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: I'm planning on starting a babysitting service to make some cash. Kids age 2-8. (I'm 13)
I'm thinking:

$5/hr on weekdays, $4/hr on weekends.
CPR certified
I supply snacks if needed (juice pouch & cookies/baby carrots)
I can tutor anyone under grade 5 (I'm an honors student)
I work the hours of 4-8 (Mon-Fri) 2-9 (Sat) 4-9 (Sun)

Any tips/ ideas? How do I keep kids entertained? Fun things to do? Should I let them watch tv? Play with person electronics? Go outside and play sporty games? How should I get the word out? Thanks in advance :)
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: you shoudl be having fun

not working at this age
nt anyway

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