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: I have to pay for a sudden unexpected car repair. It's not totally safe to drive until I get this repaired. My work is 20 miles from my home and I work Mon-Fri. I do not have the money for my auto repairs. (200$ short) I've exhausted all my options & I live in Ga where payday loans are illegal. I'm feeling super depressed and frustrated. Answers? Ideas?

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: If you have no relatives who are willing to help you out, then I guess all you have left is to start selling some of your possessions on craigslist.
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: 1) Ask a close relative or friend to give you a short-term loan. You could offer to secure it with a piece of jewelry or electronics;
2) Pawn something you own - jewelry, antique, electronics, etc.
3) Ask your boss for an advance on your next paycheck;
4) Sell the car "as is" and buy a moped
5) Borrow from your 401K
6) It's only Saturday. Look on Craigslist NOW and see if you can find some cash work for tomorrow.
7) Rent a car until your next payday.
8) Take a week of emergency paid leave until you get paid and can fix the car
9) Borrow a bicycle and enjoy a really long commute.

And when you get this sorted, the FIRST thing you do with your next paycheck is to start putting money into a savings account for emergencies. If that means you cancel your iPhone, cable, smoking, Starbucks, all that crap...DO IT.

Good luck!
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: I'd try to borrow a car for the week from a friend or relative to get to your job, then return it washed and filled with gas. Surely someone you know has a spare car that you can use or get a ride with for a week. Maybe a co-worker can help?

In a perfect world, someone who has a car up for sale would rent you their car cheap for a week... and having the for sale sign posted would be extra advertizing for them.
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: Is there a transit system? Can you get a ride with a coworker? A neighbor? Don't borrow a car from anyone unless you are sure you are insured in that car...or you could be looking at worse than owing $200 more. No one can rent you a car without the right insurance. That's just silly. I have a friend and she always manages to find someone to borrow a car from. I don't know how she does it but she does.
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: Take the bus
Sell something
Borrow money from someone
Ride a bike
Find a ride from family/friend/coworker
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