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: Plain and simple I was Christmas shopping and after I finished kohls called me (the machine) and said I owe them $95 for my kohls card. I got it activated at the counter bc the cashier twisted my arm for it and I used it that one time but now I owe them $95. The shirt I bought was 14.99. But I'm not a confrontational person so I'm gonna pay it delete my account and move on. So where could I get a loan like that?

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: How did $14.99 become $95? Something about your story is not adding up.
If you didn't spend $95, and if you didn't skip a lot of payments and get late charges that make your new total $95,
then there is no way you would bend over and take this bill without complaint.
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: If you have a credit card you can get a cash advance for $100 from it and use that. It'll cost you some $$ and you pay it back at like 18% interest, but this will solve the problem.
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: Saw this question earlier. Had hoped there would be more info. Hard to believe a Kohl's cc has a huge fee. ($95 - 14.99 - any sales tax in your state?) Are you sure you did not buy something else??

Sorry you got your arm twisted, but after you pay the annual fee, you might as well keep it for 11 months and hope you get some special offers to offset the service charge.

Doubtful, but maybe the counter person got themselves a present on your card. Calling the 1-800 number should tell you the exact charges.
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: If Kohls is calling trying to collect, my guess is that you failed to pay the credit card ... for several months now and have racked up interest and late fees on that initial $14.99 purchase. Credit cards don't normally call to collect if you pay your statement on time.

Since you are late paying on this credit card, it is very unlikely any lender will be willing to float you a loan. Check with family and friends. Or maybe sell or pawn something to come up with the money.
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: Scam.
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: It don't understand your story, it sounds like you are saying the day you activated it and spent 14.99 you got a call saying you owe $95.00 but since you aren't a confrontational person you are just going to pay it? this just doesn't make sense. First no one twisted your arm, sure they ask, but all you have to do is say NO. so don't blame the clerk. if it is 95.00 because you charged it months ago and never paid, then you must have received statements when it was 14.99 and you should have one showing why it got to be 95.00. If you cant handle a credit card you should not have one. if the only charge is the 14.99 shirt and the rest in interest and late fees, call them and explain are in a tight spot and ask to have the late charges and interest removed, then pay the balance and cancel the card.
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: No one but your parents, friends or family is making a loan that small.

pawn shop. Blood bank to sell plasma. Visit Kohl's and talk to the credit manager.
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: take the shirt back for a refund and at least get the purchase price of it off your account
I don't know what the extra $80 was for but hopefully the refund and canceling the card will wipe that off too
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