Cash Hash » Cash Hash » Cash Advance/ Cash Advances » If you only have a part time job but you can pay for a whole years rent in advance will you be able to rent?

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: a house? Would the landlord give you a lease for a year?

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: Yep - we would let you do that, providing you clear a credit reference.
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: It would certainly help your application but landlords are different. All you can do is ask.
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: Most will not, as it is hard to get rid of you if you are a problem. Most people with that much cash but no job are problem people.
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: Yes, but you'll probably find your selection is limited.

Some landlords will trust that you'll pay your rent consistently, whereas some will ask for a larger deposit, some will ask for x months up front.

Remember that you might be entitled to housing benefits.
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: It would be up to the landlord; you won't know unless you ask. Many landlords will do this, so you should find one without too much effort.
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: Probably. The only drawback for a landlord is what happens after the year.
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: Yes any landlord would bend over backwards to rent you their house if you pay them upfront for one year's rent. They have absolutely nothing to lose as the lease will only be for one year and you will have to leave as soon as it is up.
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