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: Me and a friend are hoping to volunteer this summer abroad, which is costing us around £800 each. We are planning to do sponsors but could I take out a loan of like £100/150 to help pay the registeration fee. I know it isn't much to take out, but could I? And how and when do I pay this back. It's only because this month if bad financially to pay it off at once
Im 18 next month

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: edit: nevermind, i don't know british laws..
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: Next month you can. In most countries you have to be 18 to sign a contract. A loan is a type of contract.
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: No, you have to be at least 18. No one is going to lend you such a small amount unless you get a credit card and do a cash advance. But to get a credit card you have to be working, prove you can afford repayments and have a good credit score. You might have to borrow from family or friends.
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: No to a loan at 17 and no to a loan of £150 at 18. only pawn shops lend this kind of money. Save your money and pay cash.
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: When you are 18, not before.
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: Banks etc don't do such small loans, it is not worth the work involved for the tiny profit they would make.

Also, as others have said, you need to be 18.

Friends & family may lend to you though - or sell something on eBay
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: Its not much at all so you would be best just doing jobs to make it up.
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: Yes when your 18 you can but Not at the moment.
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