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: I would just invite them to a cup of their fave tee or coffee or ice cream at the nearest possible time ,no matter I don't know them and ask them to talk with me if she would like and would listen to them,If I saw a person with such a condition I would never leave her alone and try my best to do anything possible to help them.
I have a lot of free time and no children to take care of so I can spend time on trying to help others, if I would be successful It is like a gift from Heaven to me.

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: As someone who has self harmed(hopefully in the past only), it makes me uncomfortable when people ask me about it. The only people in my life who I have discussed it with are my doctors and past boyfriends. when people ask me I tell them a cat or a car accident. As another user stated, it is none of their business. Treat everyone the same. We don't go up to people who are in wheelchairs and sk the what happened, at least I hope not... Respect them for who they are, not what the scars on them are.
I will add however, if the person has fresh cuts and you are close to them, let them know you are there for them. But don't specifically mention the cutting. If the cutting seems to be getting out of hand please do the right thing for the person and get them help. For a lot of people (myself included) it is or was their only coping skill. Other skills need to be taught, and the person needs to know how loved they are.
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