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: If I use my HSBC Debit card abroad using an ATM machine do I get cash in the currency of the country I am in or will I still get GBP money? I'm confused I don't get how I will be able to exchange my currency abroad, I hear they charge you a lot and the rates are high with certain banks.
If someone can fill me in that would be great.
Thank you in advance :)
I want to be able to withdraw money abroad, to spend, and receive the currency of the country I am in not GBP because then I would have to exchange my money to the currency of the country I am in.
Oh and around how much would they charge for every transaction?
Thanks :)

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: Their currency but its adjusted to pounds on your statements.
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: You get the currency of the country where you use the ATM. Why would any ATM in a country other than Great Britain give out pounds when pounds are not the official currency - would you expect an ATM in London to give American dollars? You would then spend the currency in that country and convert when you return to Great Britain.
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: ATM's only give money of the country you are in period. visa/mc will convert to your banks currency for withdrawel
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: Um, the currency that is in the machine. Why would you expect to receive GBP from a foreign ATM?
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: ATM's are NOT using differen currency's. Therefore U'll ever get the currency of the state you're using U a Card; BUT! with better changing-worth, as on Cash.
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: Your money comes in local currency*. So, say you're in France and you withdraw 100. You'll get a hundred euros in your hand. Your bank will then convert that to GBP, add its fees, and you'll see the amount in pounds on your statement.

*Some machines can issue more than one currency, even in the UK.

Check your account details for what the fees are. Some countries have ATMs that charge for withdrawals so try to find out which banks/networks will be cheapest for you in the country you're visiting.
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: Cash points (ATMs) always dispense local currency. Your bank will convert it to GBP when it posts. The rate that they will use and any fees are set by your bank, so ask before you travel.
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