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: I have a cash advance installment loan from a local Cash Store in my area. It was for 800.00 and if I pay all 10 installments I will b paying over 2000. As of today my payoff is 923. I don't have the money to pay it off and I have already refinanced. If I just stop paying and they try to run the check they have on file for me and it bounces will I go to jail? I think a hot check over 500.00 in Texas is a felony right?
before i get another RUDE comment insinuating that i DON'T have a job or that i'm a 'bonehead'...let me clarify. I have a GREAT job...just at the time ran into financial difficultly. I have a means to pay it off, just wanted to see what would happen if it defaults...

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: No you don't go to jail, but go pay SOMETHING..a partial payment goes a long way, just keep making them
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: if people in to jail for not paying irs taxes financial capability can be affected by lack of proper monetary care
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: You would probably get a good behaviour bond or community service but you will have a record.
They should be prosecuted for usury. The reason why their interest rate si high is because a lot of people default on the payments.
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: If it is determined to be financial fraud, yes, you can go to jail for fraud. You made a real bonehead error borrowing $800 with a total repayment of $2000. No wonder you are broke - and will remain broke until you pay it off. Financial idiocy is deadly to your financial health.

You need to raise the money to repay this fast or you are going to have escalating financial disaster. Sell whatever you can. Get a job, a second job, whatever, to earn more money. You cannot afford so much as McD's burger until you pay this off. You actually do not owe all that much if the payoff is $923. Get off your duff and earn the money!
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: Unless they can prove fraud, you won't go to jail.
But if you don't pay, they will go to court, and get a judgement against you. This will involve taking money from your checking/savings accounts. Or garnishing wages.

Your credit score will be dinged for 100+ points, and good luck getting credit after that. Not paying this, is likely to have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.
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: Just because she can't afford one payment does not mean she can't afford to eventually pay it off.. Nor is it a boneheaded move because we don't know the reason behind her having to obtain the loan in the 1st place.. This site is designed to other to receive information from those who my have knowledge not attempt to be petty and bring somebody down.. Remember what goes around comes back around and higher powers don' ugly.. But I will do some research and see if I can come up with a exactl answer to your question
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: The answer is no, of course not. But you may pay a penalty for the month you don't make a payment, just like a credit card. These cash people are all about making money, and sending anybody to jail for missing one payment is not in their best interest, nor yours. Check your paper work, then call them, and talk. I am really sure you are not the first to come up short this month.
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: You CANNOT be sent to jail for failing to pay ANY debt in the US. You COULD be sent to jail for fraud, IF it were proven you incurred the debt with no intention of paying. There are civil penalties, which could be very expensive, for not paying, but not criminal penalties.

Note: NO ONE goes to jail for not PAYING taxes. They go to jail for not FILING, or for filing a false return. Not paying can result in them seizing everything they claim you own, but not jail time.
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