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: Hi Everyone,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question. Basically, I rent a 4 bedroom house and I sub-let 3 of these rooms to make a bit of cash. the problem is I recently decided to change all the windows in the bedrooms. I went smoothly with all my tenants apart from 1 couple who complained that changing the window in their room would create too much disruption and they were not happy because the tradesman I'm employing for this job and I would need access to their room so that the window can be changed. they stubbornly refused to budge and I came to the conclusion that I would need to evict them. I first gave them a month but they asked for a three months notice, to which I agreed. Now, I would like to know about the possible legal implications of my decision to evict them (basically, is it likely that I receive a letter from their lawyer, informing me that they are suing me for whatever reason)

thanx for your help

Thanx again
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: Get Your OWN Attorney's Advice on This- JUST in Case... ;)
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: If they have a lease, you can not evict them for this reason or ask them to move until the end of the lease. If you do not have a lease, you only need to give 30 days notice in writing. If they do not move after the 30 days, you would need to go to court.
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: If it's your house then write up a 30 day eviction notice and by law they have to leave unless they signed a lease. You have every right to make the necessary modifications to your house with or without their consent.
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: It all depends on a) the country where you are renting the property (i.e. the rules governing landlord and tenant's rights will depend on the country where the dispute is taking place) and b) what your tenancy agreement signed by the tenants states. This should explain clearly your rights and responsibilities, their rights and responsibilities and what takes place if there's a dispute. To be honest, a reasonable person would probably consider it unreasonable of your tenants to refuse access to their room in order for an upgrade to the property (i.e. new windows) to be performed by the landlord. However, if there is no notice period in your tenancy agreement, they may have a case in the courts. However, as you have agreed a more generous notice period than initially requested, this too might be looked on favourably should it go to court.

Always put all correspondence in writing to tenants so that they cannot subsequently dispute what was said and always keep a copy of all correspondence sent to tenants and keep a note of any telephone/face-to-face conversations which take place.
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: As long as you have it in writing,ie their agreement to leave in 3
month's,then that's fine,as this constitutes a contract.
Their signatures will need to be on the document,and as long
as the paperwork is in order,then you should'nt have anything
to worry about.
If you have any doubt's though,then don't hesitate to get a
solicitor as they can save you a hell of a lot of grief.
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: You don't have tenants, you have lodgers.

Much easier to get rid of.
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: You have not really started the eviction process but only requested that they leave within the next 3 months. If they do not leave then you will have to file legal eviction papers and probably have to put up with them for another month or two. Hopefully they will pay the rent during this time. Good Luck
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: It is surely very stressful to evict a tenant from your property, but the event gets more painful once months pass by and the payment of rent is not made by the tenant. If a problem arises with this relationship, like any damage has been done, or tenant has violated the agreement statements, it often becomes necessary to evict him from your property. But the question arises How to evict a tenant without further aggravating the situation or landing into troubles and avoiding mental agony and financial loss.
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