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: Here the other day I was on my way home from being at the mall with my friends, and there were this guy, I think around 35-40 years of age, that came up to me and said that I "Got it." Whatever that means.. Anyway, he told me he had a fantastic offer for me. He said he'd pay me 1500 dollars for a little acting/model job next week. It would only take a couple of hours, and I'd get the money in cash right after I was done. He told me to either call him about it, or personally meet him in the abandoned warehouse just 2 miles from my house.

But.. there's one thing... My parents have always taught me, about many inportant things when it comes to accepting jobs from strangers. Is 1500 dollars enough for 2 hours of modelling? I would like to know how much models usually make from a 2 hour job? Does 1500 seem reasonable enough to accept? Thanks in advance :)

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: Abandoned warehouse? Suspiiiiicioousss.
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: theres something he's definitely not telling you, i wouldn't take it but maybe ask for some id and other stuff proving that he's legit
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: In a week, I made around 500 dollars. This is a bit unorthodox because I work in Abercrombie. I would say don't go because an abandoned warehouse sounds a bit shady.
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: Hmm. Yes, absolutely nothing can go wrong here.
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: Yeah, right . . . This guy is very probably DANGEROUS! In the event you really want to do this, take your parents with you!
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: If something sounds to good to be true
Believe me it won’t be.
The place to go is to tell your parents
And get them to tell the police
Abandoned warehouse that should tell you something
Have you ever heard of stuff movies?
You could end up the star of one film only
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: either a wierdo of recruiter for a slavery ring
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: He's probably making a porno movie and wants you to star in it.
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