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: Your first argument for weekly is wrong. You are paid the same amount whether you chose weekly or monthly
To chose a round figure if you earned 100 per week that would be 5200 per year.
5200 per year would be 5200 divided by 12 = 433.33 per calendar month.
Being paid monthly does not mean that you have to withdraw it all at once. You can still withdraw only the amount you need for that week each week.
I prefer monthly.
As you get older you get more responsibilities such as rent,mortgage,insurance policies. These are all paid monthly, the amount due being taken from your bank account. It is much easier to have your wages going into your account on the same day every month. You set up payments for that same date so you know the money is there to pay those bills. If you are paid weekly you have to keep a track of your balance at all times to make sure there is enough in your account on the day bills are due.

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