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: hey, i just started a new job and my manager is giving me the choice of getting paid monthly or weekly and i can't decide.. i've written up pros and cons for both, but would love to hear some more opinions? thanks in advance :)
(best answer gets full points)

weekly (pros):
- in the long run i would get paid 13 months rather than 12 months (due to some months being 5 weeks long)
- i wouldn't have to stretch my money out as much, could just get out what i need for the week then put the rest in savings

weekly (cons):
- i am more likely to spend my weeks money, knowing that i will have more money in a weeks time
- i won't have it all in one big go, so may not feel as rewarding

monthly (pros):
- it would all come in one day, i would use the money more wisely
- i'm more likely to have more in savings

monthly (cons):
- would have to stretch my money a little more
- i would have to wait 4 weeks for my next pay day
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